Animal shelter, Sopot

The architecture of the building emphasizes the unique, natural features of the plot and draws attention to the potential of this place. The new shelter has many open spaces that encourage people to visit and observe animals. The designed buildings are covered with one continuous roof that breaks in response to the fall in the area and the needs of the building itself. The forest becomes part of the animal shelter, penetrating inside. Natural forest mulch and trees are preserved inside the courtyard.

Place: Poland, Sopot
Investor: Sopot Municipality
Date: 2015
Status: 1st prize architectural competition
Authors: Marcin Kitala, Yuriko Yagi

The whole life of the hostel revolves around a centrally located atrium. The design is based on a thoughtful combination of functions that, when combined with each other, create a coherent space that climbs on sloping terrain. Individual functions have been divided into separate buildings, a dirty and clean zone, creating circulation. Workshops, lecture halls, playrooms and sleeping places are also planned. The facility is also to serve as a place of education, allows everyone to contact animals, gain knowledge and experience in caring for them.

In the central part there are thematic paddocks, spaces for walks and integration, and buildings with kittens, puppies and birds.

The project received the first prize in a national architectural competition with an invitation to implement based on the concept.

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