Development of the square, Słupsk

The idea to create a new, characteristic space was to introduce a visible element that diversifies this place, leaving the square functions, which gives a lot of freedom of movement.

Two distinctive elements were proposed: roofing and flooring.

The main element of public space is the roof, which creates the character of the place and closes the spacious space so as not to interfere with pedestrian traffic. The delicate roofing grid spreads all over the square, opening the sky views. It is also a structure, e.g. for light illumination. The roof also encourages passers-by to observe, creating an interesting shade on the floor. The overhanging cloud thickens and dilutes corresponding to the floor and the proposed functions of the square.

The floor is made of concrete slabs, which freely intersect with each other, changing their dimensions. The plates are described on a geometric grid, but their ‘movement’ causes a very interesting effect. Square, overlapping grids set delicate boundaries of individual functions, i.e. organization of celebrations, recreation, leisure, information, pedestrian traffic. Lawns and new greenery were also created in this way.

The floor and the suspended cloud touch each other in a few places of the square, creating unique spaces, and diversifying the flat topography of the area.

Place: Poland, Słupsk
Investor: City of Słupsk
Date: 2015
Status: competition project
Authors: Marcin Kitala
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