The development of the square, Giżycko

The main guidelines for creating the project were the existing terrain and the improvement of communication on the square in the city center. The new square introduces fluidity to this place, increases freedom of movement. With the help of delicate steps that flow through the entire square and connect the raised part with the others, set below, a natural line of this place was created based on the orthogonal grid of concrete slabs that existed

Place: Poland, Giżycko
Investor: City of Giżycko
Date: 2015
Status: competition project
Authors: Marcin Kitala

The square line was created as a result of pedestrian traffic analysis that runs diagonally across the square. At the intersection of these paths, a place where the square’s users can meet naturally arose. The goal was not to let people through the square who shorten their path going to school or work, but to invite them inside and spend time here. At the junction of the paths, a cubature was designed. It is recessed into the ground so that pedestrian traffic can still take place over the slightly raised square panels on the roof of the pavilion.

The essence of the project was to separate individual zones that interact with each other. A recreation area for children was created, a small hill intended for resting and observing the inhabitants, an amphitheater auditorium, an information pavilion or water elements inscribed in square plates.

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